Minutes of the 2008 CNCC Committee Meeting

(June 20, 2008, Palais de congres de Montreal, Salle Place d’Armes, Montreal)

Louis Delbaere
Jim Britten
Marie Fraser
Pamela Whitfield
Stan Cameron
Lachlan Cranswick
Joe Schrag
Marie-France Polidori (Palais des congres de Montreal)
Rob Hart (NRC-CSO)

1. Bid for 2014 GA in Montreal (Marie-France, Rob , Joe)
a. Big proposal
b. Powerpoint Presentation for GA
c. Reception
d. Letter to National Committees
e. Promotional Brochure
f. Politics
2. Update on Larry Calvert Fund (Marie)
3. Update on IUCr Newsletter – Crystallography in Canada (Lachlan)
4. General Assembly Agenda
5. Naming Canadian Delegates and Alternates
6. New roles for CNCC
7. CNCC Membership Turnover
a. Timing
b. Process
8. Toronto ACA

1) Plans for the bid proposal to be presented in Osaka in August 2008 were presented and discussed. The decision was made to send complete bid books only to members of the IUCr Executive Committee and to distribute the short promotional brochure to all of the delegates to the GA upon arrival in Osaka. Changes to the Salt Lake City presentation to the IUCr Executive Committee from August, 2007 included update of some budget items, changes in the graphics and text to highlight Montreal as a vibrant city were made. A letter to be sent to all National Committees announcing our intention to present a bid proposal at the IUCr General Assembly was also drafted. Finally, the discussion focused on the strengths and weaknesses of competing sites and how best to present the advantages of Montreal as the best option for 2014. A decision was made to not try to hold a reception for all of the GA delegates because the available times were not good and the identities of the delegates would not be known until arrival in Osaka, leaving insufficient time to distribute invitations.

2) Update on Larry Calvert Fund
Marie presented the current status of the Larry Calvert fund. Since renewal of the CD was upcoming, whether or not to move the account to a different bank offering a slightly higher return was a point of discussion. The decision was to try to exact a higher return from the current bank by mentioning the other offer, but ultimately go with the bank that provided the greatest ease of operation. Looking forward at the amounts that would be required for poster awards, it was decided to reinvest $45,000 and to split donations and other income 50% to principle and 50% to be used for upcoming awards.

3) Lachlan distributed copies of the current drafts of the articles for the Crystallography in Canada edition of the IUCr Newsletter.

4) Agenda for the 2008 IUCr General Assembly Osaka.
The agenda has no votes required on monetary issues. The biggest issues would be the changes in the by-laws suggested by the US National Committee, elections of Executive Committee officers and members, and selection of the 2014 host city. The USNCC proposed that Regional Associates would each have one member on the Executive Committee, that each IUCr office must have at last two candidates nominated, and that anyone should be allowed to speak from the floor of the General Assembly. The decision was made to support the first two proposals, although the support for Regional Associates having representation on the EC was not strong. There was no support for opening the floor of GA to any attendee who wants to speak. The feeling was that any issues could be raised to the GA through the delegates representing that person.

5) Naming Canadian Delegates and Alternates
Naming of delegates began with a quick survey of persons we knew would be attending the IUCr GA in Osaka. Louis Delbaere, chair of the CNCC and the person who would be presenting the Montreal bid for the 2014 GA, was nominated as chair of the delegation. Pamela Whitfield and Joe Schrag were nominated as the other delegates. Jim Britten and Lachlan Cranswick were named as alternates. These names were to be forwarded to NRC International Affairs for formal nomination to the IUCr.

6) New roles for CNCC
This was discussed in relation to the Annual Performance Review required by NRC in order to have the IUCr dues paid by NRC. Our 2008 review was very positive. The areas identified for improvement were the communication from the Canadian crystallographic community to the CNCC. In order to increase the profile of the CNCC within the community, it was decided that a document describing the CNCC and what it activities would be prepared and sent to every crystallographer in Canada. The document would also be produced as a poster that could be displayed at conferences and workshops. Lachlan Cranswick agreed to take the lead in producing the document.

7) CNCC Membership Turnover
Discussion was centered on whether new members should be added. It was determined that there are no rules as to the number of committee members permitted. The current membership is Ontario-Quebec and NRC heavy. Lee Groat was nominated as an additional member to the committee based on his experience in the ACA Council, he would be another representative from western Canada, and would bring a unique expertise to the committee. Louis Delbaere indicated that he would contact Lee to inquire about his willingness to again serve on the CNCC. No additional membership changes were deemed necessary.

8) Toronto ACA
It was agreed that the next CNCC meeting would be held at the Toronto ACA meeting in July of 2009.

9) Miscellaneous
No additional issues were raised.

The meeting was adjourned at 15:30 hr.2