The 11th Canadian Powder Diffraction Workshop

25 – 29 July 2018, Hamilton, ON

The 11th Canadian Powder Diffraction Workshop (CPDW 11) will be hosted by McMaster University in Hamilton, ON, Canada. CPDW 11 will take place as a satellite event after the 68th Annual Meeting of the American Crystallographic Association to be held from July 20 to 24, 2018, in downtown Toronto, Canada (http://www.amercrystalassn.org/2018-meeting-homepage).

The Workshop will be held at the McMaster Analytical X-Ray Diffraction Facility where powder, 2D and 3D diffraction instrumentation and software will be made available for participants at the Workshop.

Participation in the Workshop will be limited to approximately 30 participants. This will ensure plenty of facetime for participants to interact with Speakers and Instructors to mingle and exchange about currents trends in powder diffraction while learning/reviewing the basics of the field and software.

The programs TOPAS, GSAS-II, Bruker DIFFRAC.SUITE and EVA will be used for teaching and practical demonstrations at the Workshop.

The Workshop is targeted towards students, postdocs and practitioners who would benefit from an improved understanding of the basic theory and practice of powder and 2D diffraction for analyzing materials.

Participants are invited to bring one or two problems of their own research to be worked out at the Workshop with expert advice from the Speakers and Instructors who will be present.

Short demonstrations and presentations will be spread out over the five days in order for the participants to appreciate some of the theory and practice behind the process. Examples of some simple and some more difficult powder diffraction, Rietveld and 2D diffraction analyses will be presented, as well as hints on preparing data for publication. Those who do not have access to powder, 2D or 3D diffractometers can arrange to collect data in advance of the Workshop. Several practice data sets will be supplied.