The 16th Canadian Powder Diffraction Workshop 

May 23 – 26, 2023 in Vancouver, Canada

Tues May 23  
S0Software overview and installation everyone 
L1Introduction to Powder Diffraction and the Rietveld Method Joel Reid
L2Phase Identification Bussaraporn Patarachao 
L3GSAS-II Lecture 1 Bob von Dreele 
S1 – S3Software sessions 1-3Hands-on software (basic):  HighscorePlus, EVA, TOPAS, GSAS-IIBob/Joel/Luciano/Nick 
S4PowDLL, Mercury, maybe others…Anita, Jim, Brian, others 
T1Optional Tour 1 
Wed May 24  
L4Crystallography Brian Patrick 
L5Sample Preparation Anita or Nick 
L6XRD applications/techniques overview?? Anita?? 
L7Nanomaterials Bussaraporn Patarachao 
L8“Overview of XRD Analysis of Clays – Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis” Nick Rodesney 
S5-S8Software sessions 5-8 – Rietveld method, focusing on Quantitative Phase AnalysisBob/Joel/Luciano/Nick
T2Optional Tour 2 
Thurs May 25  
L9Rietveld – Size and strain overview Jacques or Nick
L10Amorphous Quantification methods Luciano Gobbo
L12GSAS-II Lecture 2 Bob von Dreele
L13aCanadian Light Source overview Beatriz and Joel
L13b“Grazing Incidence X-ray diffraction and scattering” Beatriz Moreno
S9 – S12Software sessions 9 – 12 – more Rietveld, some focus on size/strain and amorphous contentBob/Beatriz/Joel/Luciano/Nick/Jacques
T3Optional Tour 3  
Fri May 26  
L14X-ray, Neutron, and Synchrotron for New Materials  Jacques Huot
L15Structure Solution from Powder Joel Reid  
L162D-3D Materials diffractionJim Britten
L17“In-situ X-ray diffraction experiments”Beatriz Moreno
L18Cellulose – roundtable discussion??? 
S13Software session:  GSAS-II – Structure Solution from PowderJoel Reid
Fri afternoonMaterials Workshop primer or other presentationsVicky/Jim or others
 Closing and Final RemarksAnita and Brian

*This is a tentative program – the schedule is subject to change.  Time slots may be switched around and/or some presentation topics may change due to the interest level of the workshop attendees or due to other circumstances.