Larry Calvert CNC/IUCr Trust Fund Award


The Larry Calvert CNC/IUCr Trust Fund offers travel awards to deserving students, post-doctoral and non-faculty trainees at Canadian academic institutions, to enable their attendance at courses, scientific meetings, and the triennial IUCr Congresses, in order to further their expertise and education in crystallography and related disciplines.


To be eligible, trainees must be a student, post-doctoral fellow, or non-academic staff at a Canadian academic institution. Trainees must be applying to attend a course, workshop or scientific meeting in the field of crystallography or a related discipline as defined by the IUCr. Trainees attending a crystallographically-focused conference or scientific meeting must plan to present their own original work in crystallography or a related discipline, in the form of a poster or talk. This presentation requirement may be waived for courses or workshops where the primary focus will be crystallography education.

Funding Amounts:

The maximum award amount will be up to $1500 CAD for travel to IUCr Congresses, and up to $750 CAD for all other events. In order to support the highest number of eligible trainees, maximum award amounts are only exceptionally granted. It is unlikely that full event expenses will be covered and trainees should seek additional sources of support. Applications will be evaluated by members of the CNC/IUCr.

Donating to the Larry Calvert CNC/IUCr Trust Fund

To maintain and grow the fund, not more than one-half of the interest on the “fund’s principal” can be spent on awards. For received donations, by default, 50% is added to the principal and 50% spent on the awards. Though people donating to the fund can, if they wish, specify the percentages of their donation to be split between the principal, spent on triennial IUCr travel awards and the annual Canadian Crystallography Student Presentation Award for the best Canadian student poster at the yearly American Crystallographic Association meetings. However, actual amounts split between donations and growing the fund is subject to Canada Revenue Agency regulations.

To donate, contact:

Dr. Brian Patrick (Treasurer)
Department of Chemistry, UBC Faculty of Science
Vancouver Campus
2036 Main Mall
Vancouver, BC Canada V6T 1Z1

Applying for support from the Larry Calvert CNC/IUCr Trust Fund

Applications will be accepted twice a year:

Jan 31 application deadline with awards announced by Feb 28.

In 2024: March 31st application deadline with awards announced by April 30th.

June 30th application deadline with awards announced by July 31st

Applications must be submitted prior to event attendance, for consideration by the next application deadline.

Applications can be submitted here.