2nd Canadian Materials Diffraction Workshop (CMDW2020)

Update April 22, 2020: We are committed to minimizing the transmission of the coronavirus, and therefore CMDW2020 has been cancelled.

Tue-Fri, June 16−19, 2020, University of Alberta, Edmonton, AB, Canada

1 – Edmonton International Airport:
2 – Co-Op Taxi: (780) 425-2525
3 – Yellow Cab: (780) 462-3456
4 – Public Transit options (basic fare is $3.50 which can be used to take any bus or LRT for up to 90 minutes from the time of issue):
Edmonton Transit Service (ETS) website showing LRT Stations (in blue), major Transit Centres (in green) and a Trip Planner (at the bottom of the page) can be accessed at this link: