14th Canadian Chemical Crystallography Workshop (CCCW23)

May 30 – June 3, 2023 in Vancouver, Canada

The program consists of short lectures and demonstrations throughout the workshop. Topics may include crystal growth, diffraction theory, symmetry and space groups, reciprocal space, integration of data, structure solution and model building, refinement, and analyses and presentation of the derived data. Participants will be solving and refining structures starting almost immediately. We will have several experienced crystallographers helping throughout. 

It will be impossible to go into great detail on so many topics in such a short time, so most concepts will be explained using models and examples. By the end of the workshop, most participants are able to solve and refine routine crystal structures, as well as some problem cases. Participants will also made connections with experienced crystallographers who will be able to continue answering questions after the workshop.

The program book for CCCW23 can be found below. This is likely to be updated regularly, including during the workshop, as we customize learning opportunities for this cohort of participants.

CCCW23_Program_V14 (Updated 2023-06-19 6:14 PM PDT)