Speakers, Instructors, Organizers

1st Canadian Materials Diffraction Workshop (CMDW2019)

Tue-Fri, Aug 20−23, 2019, University of New Brunswick, Fredericton, NB, Canada

Local Chairs: Mohsen Mohammadi and Andreas Decken, University of New Brunswick

Program Chairs: Jim Britten and Victoria Jarvis, McMaster University


Jim Britten (PhD; MAX Facility Manager, McMaster University)

Andreas Decken (PhD; Crystallographer & Assistant Dean, University of New Brunswick)

Renfei Feng (PhD; VESPERS beamline, CLS)

Bob He (PhD; Director of Innovation & Business Development- XRD2, Bruker AXS. Author of “Two-Dimensional X-Ray Diffraction”, 2nd Edition, Wiley)

Vicky Jarvis (M.A.Sc.; Research Scientist, MAX Diffraction Facility, McMaster University)

Zahra Khatami (PhD; Assistant Professor, University of New Brunswick)

Anita Lam (MSc.; X-ray Specialist, Structural Chemistry Facility, University of British Columbia)

Beatriz Moreno (PhD; group leader of the BXDS beamline, CLS)

Mohsen Mohammadi (PhD; Associate Professor and Director of MAMCE, University of New Brunswick)

Michael Nemcko (PhD; High Speed Imaging, Inc.)