Speakers, Instructors, Organizers

The 17th Canadian Powder Diffraction Workshop 

May 3 – 6, 2024 in Windsor, ON, Canada

Dr. Anton Dmitrienko (Organizer)
University of Windsor/Proto Mfg.

Anton Dmitrienko holds the position of a research fellow at the University of Windsor, Canada. Anton has vast experience of working with inorganic solids, organometallic complexes, and pharmaceutical co-crystals. As an application scientist and crystallographer at Proto Manufacturing, Anton develops high-throughput instrumentation for the rapid discovery of new multifunctional crystalline materials.

Areas of expertise: Materials science, SC-XRD, PXRD, structure solution ab initio, in-situ diffraction studies, high-throughput methodology.

Email (UWindsor): Anton.dmitrienko@uwindsor.ca
Email (Proto): Admitrienko@protoxrd.com
Prof. V. Nicholas Vukotic (Organizer)
University of Windsor

Prof. Nick Vukotic is an Assistant Professor and an NSERC/PROTO Industrial Research Chair in X-ray Diffraction and Crystalline Materials at the University of Windsor. After completing his PhD in supramolecular materials chemistry, he helped bring several XRD instruments to the market and filed several patent applications during his time at PROTO Mfg. His current research program is focused on i) developing new research tools for rapid materials screening & characterization and ii) using crystal engineering methods to develop advanced crystalline materials with industrial applications, such as controlled drug release materials.

Areas of expertise: Supramolecular chemistry, MOFs, pharmaceuticals, x-ray diffraction, high-throughput methodology.

Email: nvukotic@uwindsor.ca
Website: https://www.vukgroup.com/
Dr. Joel Reid (Instructor)
Canadian Light Source

Dr. Joel Reid is a Senior Industrial Scientist at the CLS, specializing in powder diffraction for the Industry Services group. Working with diverse clientele, Joel holds expertise in the analysis and characterization of the whole spectrum of materials from small organic molecules and new inorganic materials to multiphase mineral mixtures. He holds expertise in identification and quantification of multiphase mixtures and solving crystal structures with powder diffraction.

Areas of expertise: PXRD, structure solution ab initio, Rietveld refinement, phase analysis, DFT calculations.

Email: Joel.reid@lightsource.ca
Dr. Nathan Henderson (Instructor)

Nate Henderson is a business development manager leading X-ray diffraction and microscopy (XRD/XRM) product lines within the pharmaceutical industry. With more than 12 years at Bruker, Nate has worked with a wide range of materials systems, from small molecule pharmaceuticals and nanoparticles to superconductors and battery electrodes. Nate is very passionate about sharing his knowledge and expertise in X-ray diffraction.

Areas of expertise: Materials science, PXRD, phase analysis, Rietveld refinement, TOPAS, EVA

Email: Nathan.henderson@bruker.com
Dr. Robert Von Dreele (Instructor)
Argonne National Laboratory

Bob has influenced generations of XRD enthusiasts around the world with his program GSAS-II, a free, friendly, and well documented software to perform a myriad of XRD data reduction and analysis including Rietveld refinement. Throughout his prolific career, Bob worked at J.S. Anderson’s lab at Oxford, Arizona State University, the Los Alamos LANSCE, Argonne IPNS spallation neutron sources, and the Advanced Photon Source. Bob recently retired as a Senior Physicist at Argonne National Laboratory.

Areas of expertise: GSAS-II, Rietveld refinement, structure solution, software development.

Email: vondreele@anl.gov
Dr.Izabella Kolodziej (Instructor)
Proto Mfg.

Izabela Kolodziej is an application scientist at Proto Manufacturing. She obtained her Ph.D (in Organic Chemistry) at the University of Windsor, under the supervision of Dr. James Green, focusing on small molecule synthesis. She spent several years doing research and development working as an analytical chemist in the pharmaceutical industry before transitioning to Proto Manufacturing. Izabela has spent over a decade working with a range of analytical equipment, with the addition of X-ray diffraction since joining Proto Manufacturing. She has focused on active pharmaceutical ingredients, scale deposits, retained austenite and carbides in steel, and recently, on single crystal.

Areas of expertise:Materials science, PXRD, PDAnalysis, phase analysis.

Email: ikolodziej@protoxrd.com
TO BE ADDEDDr. Luciano Gobbo (instructor)
Malvern Panalytical  

Email: Luciano.gobbo@malvernpanalytical.com
Dr. Thomas Blanton (Instructor)
International Centre for Diffraction Data Newtown Square, Pennsylvania, USA

Tom is the Executive Director and Principal Scientist at ICDD. ICDD provides the Powder Diffraction File™ (PDF®) databases and JADE® analysis software utilized by the international diffraction community for materials characterization. Before joining ICDD he was a Senior Principal Scientist at Eastman Kodak Company where he worked in industrial applications of X-ray diffraction and X-ray fluorescence analysis. His area of focus was utilization of analytical chemistry techniques for microstructure characterization resulting in new materials for intellectual property and product development. Tom has authored/coauthored 270+ publications including 6 book chapters, 46 U.S. Patents and 60 international patents.

Areas of expertise: Database development, PDF database, JADE, X-ray diffraction, materials characterization.

Email: tblanton@icdd.com
Andrew Jones (Instructor)
Anton Parr

Andrew Jones joined Anton Paar in 2017 and is currently global product manager for XRD. For over 10 years, he has specialized in powder XRD, non-ambient XRD and grazing incidence XRD techniques. He has a doctorate degree in Chemistry from the University of Bath, UK, and also worked as a researcher with a focus on XRD at Université Libre de Bruxelles in Belgium and Graz University of Technology, Austria, prior to joining Anton Paar.

Areas of expertise: PXRD, non-ambient XRD, GIXRD, materials characterization

Email: To Be Added