CPDW16 (in 2023)

The 16th Canadian Powder Diffraction Workshop 

May 23 – 26, 2023 in Vancouver, Canada

Welcome to the 16th Canadian Powder Diffraction Workshop!  This workshop will be held May 23-26, 2023 at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada.  We have invited some of the finest experts and instructors from across North America to teach powder/polycrystalline X-ray diffraction (PXRD) at this workshop.

The format of the workshop will consist of lectures given in the morning with practical software sessions in the afternoon.  Several software programs will be made available for the students in the workshop; it will be a good opportunity to broaden and/or deepen one’s knowledge and proficiency of some key software used in this field along with furthering one’s own research objectives.

The workshop is targeted towards students, postdocs, and practitioners who would benefit from an improved understanding of the basic theory and practice of powder and 2D diffraction for analyzing materials.  Participants are invited to bring one or two problems of their own research to be worked on at the workshop with expert advice from the speakers and instructors.

Some of the software we plan to demonstrate and use at this workshop are:  GSAS-II, HighscorePlus, EVA, TOPAS, Mercury, PowDLL, Max3D, plus others.

There will be optional tours of different X-ray diffraction facilities across the UBC campus.

While CPDW16 will focus on more of the traditional powder diffraction topics, this workshop will also touch on topics that are under the polycrystalline or materials umbrella.  This workshop will be a good launching point to other materials diffraction topics that will be covered at the Canadian Materials Diffraction Workshop (July 11 – 14, at McMaster University, Hamilton, ON).

Finally, along with hosting the CPDW at UBC on May 23-26 we are also hosting the Canadian Chemical Crystallography Workshop(single crystal workshop) from May 30 – June 3, 2023 at the same venue.  This year presents a unique opportunity for anyone who wants to be immersed in both powder/polycrystalline and single crystal X-ray diffraction topics at the same site in a short timeframe.  We are excited to be presenting these workshops and hope you can join us.